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you are my sunshine

The sun has come to the decision today that it is much too busy to show up in the sky, and it has other arrangements. So it sent the rain instead, to keep us occupied.

I'm fighting my feelings of loneliness. Keeping my mind on the coming week and what I hope to be doing on Halloween helps.

Right now, I am wearing around my neck this black and white scarf I got from Target, and on my head a fuzzy white hat I bought from Burlington Coat Factory last year. I feel as though I should grab my camera and go walk around downtown, taking pictures. But of course, the rain causes a slight obstacle in those plans.

I'm thinking I want to get a new journal and make it friends-only. That way, I can put a link up on my website without worrying about my offline friends (besides Lily) reading it. Would anyone be willing to lend me a code?

Oh, and for those who enjoy message boards, The Reload Boards are positively wonderful. It's a relatively small community (166 members, but about 50 active members), and we've never had the problem with internet drama or cliques. We're all very open, friendly, and would love to have you.

I'm sorry for all of the miscellaneous bits of information. I'll post a more focused entry later.
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