..bella.. (brilliantchaos) wrote,


Make it your goal each day to be a superhero in ordinary clothes.

My friend is having some problems right now, and she's putting forth that huge question- "What is life's purpose?" I think that life's purpose is for you to live it to your best possible efforts. It's for you to positively influence as many people as you can, for you to achieve as much happiness as possible, for you to be doing what you love every moment of your day. Maybe life in general has no distinct purpose, but your life does. Everyone was put here for a reason. We're all living and breathing and co-existing and somehow, we all affect one another. I think it's in those relationships we share with other people that our purpose becomes clear.

But I try not to question it too often, because then I'm only left feeling doubtful.

I was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me.
Yeah, stumble until you crawl.
Sinking into sweet uncertainty.
If you're listening.
Are you listening?
Sing it back.
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