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bien, y tu?

I don't know, I guess so
I don't sleep, I dream
I'll settle with a cup of coffee,
but you know what I really need.

Pushing annoying and lonely thoughts to the back of my head has proved successful. I've been in a better mood this week than I have been in the recent past, and to top it all off, I went to the doctor's today and got my ears unclogged so I can officially hear again. It was getting aggravating, not being able to hear out of one ear and hardly out of the other, but now that I can, the amount of sound I hear is altogether alarming. I kept on jumping afterwards because I could hear my clothes rustle and could hear my friend talking on the other side of the room. It's silly, but it was pretty fun :)

So I'm doing pretty good right now. How are you doing, my lovely friend?
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