..bella.. (brilliantchaos) wrote,

aspirations       (i'm just a dreamer)

I want to be your infinity, I want to be your lovely one.

I want to bathe in the pools of moonlight beneath a Parisian sky.

I want to write and express everything that lies inside of me.

I want to travel your mind, seek to understand the way you work.

I want to live with spontaneity, I want to feel as though there are no ties holding me down.

During my lifetime, I hope to accomplish the following:

& travel across Europe
& learn how to blow glass
& own a second home on the Mediterranean Sea
& have a career that fascinates me
& attend a college in New England
& visit Hollywood
& write a screenplay
& find the right person to love
& wear a sundress on a Parisian balcony
& sip sangria at dusk in Spain
& ride an elephant
& swim in the Pacific Ocean
& go to a wine tasting festival in Southern France

& learn how to be me.
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