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Lily and I were searching the web around 1 am last night for Chinese-inspired bedrooms because that's the theme she wants to redecorate her bedroom in. I stumbled across the BBC Home Design page. This is by far the coolest page ever created. It has a room for every possible theme- Oriental, vintage, art nouveau, Moulin Rouge, Hollywood, retro, pink, romantic, minimalist, Gucci-inspired, Pucci-inspired, Indian, you name it, and you can probably find a room on it. I want to redecorate my room so bad. Some of the rooms I really loved:

And I'm sure there were more, but you don't need to see all of them. So yeah. The New York Times had a special "Home Design" magazine in their paper today. That just adds to my need to redecorate my room. Hopefully, it'll be soon...
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